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Six Dishes: Washington DC

Travel & Leisure | Nov 2013

Client: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

"Line up early at the pint-size shop near the White House for it's signature treat, stuffed with vanilla pastry cream and coated with a caramel glaze."

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Client: Puccini Group

"I’m a partner and chief creative officer at Puccini Group. We conceptualize, design and operate restaurants, mainly in the hotel industry. So most of my business travel involves pitching new clients or researching cities for business development purposes. I’m an architect by training and I like seeing new places and how they are designed, so I don’t really mind the travel."

- Robert Polacek, Partner @ Puccini Group

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Client: Pearl Dive

"As I explain in my conversation with Here & Now, some people drink it as a tonic. Others use it as a soup base. And James Huff, chef de cuisine at Pearl Dive in Washington, D.C., who learned his trade in some of New Orleans' top kitchens, uses pot liquor to create some incredible entrees."

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D.C.'s New Dining District

Wall Street Journal | Sep 2013

Client: Pearl Dive

"Pearl Dive Oyster Palace is a pet project of local seafood restaurateur Jeff Black, who wanted to open an unpretentious neighborhood eatery like this he frequented in Houston. The bustling bistro features ceiling fans and exposed-brick walls; patrons spill from the bar onto the sidewalk when the weather is good."

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Creme de la Creme

Imbibe | Jul 2013

Client: Black Jack Bar

"When it comes to super-flavorful, simple way to infuse some summery brightness into drinks, we love the tiny, tart current. Soaked in a strong spirit and then sweetened, currants transform into creme de cassis - an irresistible fruit liqueur essential to cocktails like the Kir Royale and El Diablo.  And with summer in full swing, there's no better time to mix up your own batch."

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Washingtonian Magazine | Jun 2013

Client: Pearl Dive

"We've long been fans of the chicken at Jeff Black's Logan Circle hot spot.  Happily, the restaurant offers six-piece buckets ($20) for takeout. It's not exactly fast-food price, but the tub is filled with six plump pieces of Amish chicken, scallion-flecked corn muffins, and sides of spicy slaw and braised greens - so it feels like a good deal."

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Client: Zamas

"The spot that really captures Tulum's energy is . . . 

An evening with Camilo Nu Project. This musical group attracts tourists and locals alike. The ebb and flow of flamenco jazz with a little Michael Jackson and Beatles thrown, on a moonlit night, it is simply enchanting."

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Client: DGS Delicatessen

"We've put together a list of some of the most delicious happy hours in the country. Far better than the usual two-for-one draughts and free bowls of sweaty snack mix, these fantastic restaurant specials include terrific finger foods, pristine oysters and craft cocktails for less."

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